Thursday, July 31, 2008

Project Runway: Mock away!

Kenley's winning dress. Meh. I was surprised the judges went so ga-ga over it. I can deal with the 1980s silhouette and almost garish pattern, but I can't get past the unbalanced hips.

I laughed all the way through "Project Runway." I don't think I've ever seen a single hour of TV so full of people, phrases and clothing just begging to be mocked on "Saturday Night Live."

Too bad Chris Parnell isn't on SNL anymore -- I can't be the only one who thinks he'd do a great Suede. Heck, even Suede even does a great Suede, jazz-handsy thumbs up and all: "Suede rocked it!"

And there couldn't be anyone better suited to play all the indistinguishable pseudo-"surreal" and "underground" designers (yeah, I'm talking about Jennifer, Emily and Leanne) than Kristin Wiig.

I can see her now, doing her rendition of Emily's defense of the losing Carmen Miranda dress: "Hell no, this was not the losing dress for the challenge. That dress was beautiful, it was finished, it showed personality ..."

My faves: Terri's backless dress and pants, Korto's jumpsuit and Jerell's ruffly gown. What's your take on the looks of episode three?


  1. I think this is going to be my favorite Project Runway season ever. I love Stella and her "leathah". I am still cackling over Blayne mocking Stella last week ("My husband is leathah, my kids are leathah...). It made me think of Jimmy Fallon doing Leatherman in SNL.

    Who can resist Suede? It throws my mind back to Seinfeld and the Jimmy episode. But I digress.....

    I thought the winning outfit was hideous and I didn't like that backless horror that went over pants. Rachel, I think you liked that one.

    Tim is giving better direction now than he has in years past. The man tried to talk Emily off the ledge, but she would persist.

  2. i LOVED LOVED LOVED Leanne's dress. The lines, the curves, the finish - I was blown away by that dress more than the rest. WOW. I want one!

  3. I honestly do not think that Kenly should have won that challenge. That dress was simply OK. She should have been shuffeled off stage with the first group of people. And YES that ruffled disaster should have been the one to go home.

  4. I was surprised that Kenley won. And you are so right - these idiots are just BEGGING to be mocked on SNL.

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