Thursday, July 17, 2008

Project Runway: Wha? Diaper boy stays?

Kelli won the first season five challenge -- use items from a grocery store to create a look.

I was underwhelmed with the creativity of the season five "Project Runway" cast.

Checked table cloths? Ugh. I love retro-cuteness as much as the next person, but dios mio, did everyone think they were the only ones making a beeline for the table linens?

In the end, I was pleased to see Kelli win -- I loved her innovation and attention to detail.

I was bummed that Christian Siriano-wannabe Blayne didn't get the boot for his horrific diaper ensemble and his blatant attempt at coining a "fierce" catchphrase.

Girlicious? How about gaglicious. Mr. Tanorexic needs to go!


  1. I agree! What a bunch of uncreative weenies to play it so safe and it wasn't much fun to watch what they did. Hope they step up. The best two definitely deserver so far to make it to the end. I'd buy a dress from the winner if she designs for Target!

  2. the plastic cup idea was really creative. i thought trash bag lady should've gone. there was no design whatsoever. at least the creepy looking raincoat had some sewing to it.

  3. The only reason they let garbage-bag biker chick stay is becuase they hope she'll be the "mean" character every reality show hopes for to create conflict onscreen. They'll keep her on for as long as they can get away with it just to see what she says and does outside the design studio.

    Her design looked like she threw it together at the last minute -- even though the guy who lost wasn't much better, he deserved another chance.

  4. What a lack of talent. No wonder Bravo was under-promoting. When did Project Runway jump the shark? When Tim Gunn indirectly called them slackers? Or when all but a few grabbed tableclothes and shower curtains?

    Slackers indeed...i would have loved to hear what Tina, Nina, Michael and Austin were really thinking.

    As for this longtime PR fan, I'm out.

  5. I was very disappointed in the way so many of them leapt for the tableclothes. How unoriginal! As for that ridiculous "girlicious" guy, one can only hope that they either vote him out soon or he suffer from some tanning accident that takes him off the show. The garbage-bag gal should be next. Her incessant whining and lack of creativity should have made her the first to leave!

  6. The top two in the challenge produced exactly what the judges were hoping for. Brilliant clothes created from unexpected items. Everybody else's jumping at the fabric substitutes left me underwhelmed. I expected more from Runway contestants. Cripes, Austin won the challenge in Season 1 in a dress made from cornhusks! Jerry's creation was awful, buoyed by the fact that he used two fabric substitutes (shower curtain and tablecloth). That's just weak. He had to go.