Thursday, July 24, 2008

Project Runway: Over the excuses

Rachel was so pleased to see Suede embrace the sameness of his materials rather than complain.
He turned out a sexy, flirty, punk, inventive dress that will be sold on

In honor of Suede, the winner of the episode 2 green challenge, Rachel will write this entry in the annoying third person.

Rachel loved the twist -- having the models shop was genius. Rachel initially thought all the designer drama following the announcement was funny, then it was just boring.

Yes, Rachel thought, we get it. You are a bunch of control freaks. And Stella really likes leather. Please move on!

Nina and Heidi were deliciously catty when discussing Wesley's puckery brown silk dress which ended up sending him home. Rachel laughed out loud when Nina said: "I think shiny, tight and short is the quickest way to look cheap." Rachel immediately wanted to add the quote to her Facebook page.

In the almost-forced hip verbiage department, Rachel will give the adorable Tim Gunn (he said caucus! And he wasn't talking politics!) a pass for invoking a phrase from season four when he told Korto her dress may be a hot mess.

Rachel would like to hear what you thought about the episode. Are the designers really a bunch of whiners, or is Rachel just a crabby armchair designer wannabe?


  1. They do whine excessively. That could be a total turnoff for the show. I was glad to see some fun creativity- one aspect of the show Brynna enjoys.

  2. Samantha thought that Tim Gunn saying "Hot Mess" was kinda funny. Also Samantha thinks that everything should be made of leather :)

  3. Is it just me, or does it seem like this season all the designers are like seasoned professionals?? I was hoping for newer, breakthru designers trying to get into the business. It seems like the designers on the show have already made somewhat of a name for themselves. And yes, I agree they seem to be overly annoying and whiney!

  4. Caty thought that Stella's whining got really, old really quick. Caty also thought that Kenley has a cool personality. Caty also thought that Suede's dress was awesome but this talking in the 3rd person thing is ridiculous!!!!!!!!

  5. In regards to Stella - that style of dress with the lace up sides died with the last Whitesnake video. Not that I don't love me some Whitesnake!!!

  6. I wish Obama would pick Tim Gunn as his running mate.

  7. YES! Obama and Tim for president!! A match amde in heaven!